Graystone Education completes critical State and Federal applications as it prepares to close its first college acquisition

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTCPink : EEGI) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Graystone Education, has actually completed all of application requirements for the modification in regulate needed for acquisition of its very first technical college. The company feels that its objective to consolidate multiple independent colleges and include an online university element to them could make Graystone the largest, most reputable accredited online university in the world.

Acquisition details are still covered by non-disclosure components in the purchase agreement, yet all of is on routine to be finalized fairly shortly. The acquisition will certainly immediately include several million dollars in assets and potential annual revenue to Eline Entertainment Group, yet it is merely the very first of several that the company has actually its sights on. Sustaining strict regulatory requirements are crucial to a higher standard of excellence, continued accreditation, academic credibility, and providing access for students to Title IV funding (student loans).

Eline’s CEO Dr. Lori Layne commented on this next step in the building process. “We are really excited to be moving forward along with the plan, and obtaining one step closer to closing the acquisitions. I’m additionally delighted along with our current development in the really complex task of forming a sturdy business and academic base on which to build.” 

Dr. Tim Brooker, Eline’s COO added “I’ve been personally involved along with the process from thorough due diligence to the modification in regulate application requirements. I’m impressed along with the quality of the institution we are acquiring, and can easily assure you we are proceeding along with the ultimate professionalism and care.”

About Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. operates its wholly owned subsidiary; Graystone Education, Inc. Graystone provides a lot of education services, and plans to compete along with current online colleges and universities by becoming a next generation institution offering accredited degree and certificate programs online also as on-campus, by acquiring a network of colleges nationwide that manage a lot of demographic needs, verses a single traditional focus.  This multi-campus, multi- venue approach boosts the company’s appeal to a lot of student demographics and boosts revenue potential dramatically. For a lot more short article contact

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Ferguson, Missouri: In search of truth

Tragedy has actually struck the small town of Ferguson, Missouri. This once peaceful town has actually been rocked by violence, closing schools, placing business owners on guard. Church leaders question authority and civil rights advocates are status on proverbial soap boxes in the town square. The death of Michael Brown, 18, has actually earned global news these days because of the media storm dredging up race and bigotry where it might or might not exist. Bias news networks have actually jumped on the bandwagon for ratings, pushing an image of a black junior higher school youngster that was gunned down by a racially inspired white police officer. Even though early on, a video was leaked from the security camera in a convenience store showing Michael’s petty theft and assault on the business owner prior to his encounter along with the officer, Michael is portrayed as free of malice in the news, the officer as a racist. There is as much mistruth in the 2 characterization as each one reacted badly in a single moment in time.

This small town of 21,000 residents has actually 53 police officers along with only three being of color. The demographics of Ferguson is a ratio of 67% African American residents to 29% Caucasian. To give a reasonable and balanced debate on just what happened in Ferguson, it is necessary to look closely using critical thinking to uncover the potential truth. According to the autopsy offered by the family of Michael Brown, evidence supports a head shot to the teen as he was falling forward, rushing forward or kneeing along with his head down. The officer reported Michael charged in to his car attempting to take his firearm, resulting in his gun firing twice, one hitting the teen, one bullet lodged inside the roof of the car. The news report from CNN released October 18th reported that forensic evidence might prove the officer’s claim. From supposition gathered by “eye witness account” it appears that Michael, Even though mortally wounded managed to spine from the auto throwing his arms up yelling, “Okay, Okay” prior to dropping to the pavement.

Justice, or impartiality, usually implies that the situation at hand has actually been investigated using forensic evidence much more compared to questionable eye witness account or outside sources making racial tension. Justice is served after a legal panel has actually determined a crime has actually been commited. The case in Ferguson will certainly not be known until November, after the Grand Jury has actually had time to view and analyze every one of the evidence, yet the officer’s life has actually been threatened and he has actually been painted a racist. He could be or he might not be.

There could be a racial conflict between the citizens and the police, however this honest truth is not proven to date. Last Wednesday an 18 year old African American male was killed by a white officer in Saint Louis, Merely 18 miles from Ferguson. The parents of Vonderrit Myers Jr., and eye witnesses claimed this teen wasn’t armed. Protests broke out calling for justice for the teen, that was on parole at the time of his death. The facts and forensic evidence proved that this troubled teen was covered in gunshot residue proving he fired on the officer. The offices claimed the youth shot three rounds prior to the police opened fire, case closed; media swiftly broke the honest truth and buried the story. Eye witnesses gave false testimony, claiming he was unarmed; the officer was defending himself, the forensic evidence proved his claim. Racial tensions broke out briefly prior to moving spine to Ferguson.

States away, Merely two days after the teen in Ferguson was killed by a white officer, a white and Hispanic mixed twenty year was killed by a black officer. This case was a Ferguson-enjoy attack in Salt Lake City, Utah. The young man, Dillon Taylor was due in court for unlawful use of a firearm and resisting arrest, however the officer did not understand this at the time. Accounts proved that Even though this white male was unarmed, there was enough evidence to prove reasonable intent to shoot the officer, a physique cam and recorder on the police cruiser backed up the claims; a case of self-defense. Black officer killed white youth, yet nothing concerning race was pressed by the media here.

The Duty Officer in Ferguson, Mo., October 19th, told this reporter that the majority of protestors have actually been respectful, however the “opportunist” that come out at night have actually create fantastic property damage. The gentleman from the convenience store robbed by Michael has actually withdrawn his eye witness account. The officer remarked that it was probably because of fear. A Quick means was burned to the ground and a spray paint authorize appeared on the status wall, “this is just what happens to squealers.”

Rev. Peter Morales of the Unitarian Universalist Association calls for a vigil for Ferguson “status on the edge of love” status along with those seeking healing and justice. just what portion of social justice do the Unitarians stand for? Ought to Al Sharpton, others faith leaders as well as the Unitarian Universalist Association champ a create which might prove false or wait for justice and the law to prove guilt?

free of caution on events media moguls twist in to racial tension, our liberal faith could fall victim to the quite bias the Unitarian Universalist Association wants to quell. Stand on the edge of enjoy for justice sake using facts to guide the way. The theme at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix this month is forgiveness. It is time to forgive misguided protestors on the 2 sides of the issue. It is time to promote healing and teach tolerance to those that are seeking. Ferguson is earned up of victims and offenders however it is time to lay down implements of violence, seek forgiveness and wait for the honest truth to be known.

Ebola Hearings Miss Main Point, States Physicians for Civil Defense

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In Oct 16 hearings prior to the Estate Electricity and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, no one asked why the deadly Ebola virus is no longer being treated as a “degree 4” threat.

Scientists that job along with Ebola do it just in BSL-4 (biosafety level-4) laboratories, in which they are protected versus breathing potentially contaminated air and have actually finish skin surface protection by means of an encapsulating “space suit.” Entry in to a BSL-4 facility is just through an air lock. prior to leaving a BSL-4 facility, the outside of the “space suit” is sprayed along with a mist of decontamination solution for several minutes. every one of equipment that goes into the BSL-4 location is sterilized along with paraformaldehyde gas prior to it is removed. every one of others components are bagged and as soon as possible incinerated on site.

One researcher that had an accidental needlestick was as soon as possible isolated in a BSL-4 medical facility called “the Slammer,” suitable for intensive care by practiced physicians and nurses from Walter Reed, wearing encapsulating suits. BSL-4 isolation is for 21 days as described by David Quammen in his routine Spillover.

Hundreds of workers in Africa, and now two in the U.S., have actually caught the health problem as soon as using reduced levels of protection. Yet the CDC (Centers for health problem Regulate and Prevention) asserts that every hospital in the U.S. can easily be adequately prepared, and told a nurse that had been exposed that it was great to take a commercial flight.

Some congressmen complained that the CDC did not have actually enough money. Yet none explained that the special military unit for transporting patients under BSL-4 degree conditions, the Aeromedical Isolation and Special Medical Augmentation Response Group (AIT-SMART), which was made in 1978, was dismantled in 2010.

“Having seriously downgraded our response capability, U.S. government agencies are now pretending that the actual threat degree is less,” mentioned Physicians for Civil Defense president Jane Orient, M.D. “The two our military and civilian population are at grave risk.”

Sending in a rapid response Group from Atlanta is not a replacement for respirators, negative-tension isolation rooms, and appropriate decontamination procedures, she noted. Neither are “tear sheets” instructing air travelers from epidemic places to inspect their temperature.

“Official denial of the seriousness of the threat is reckless and irresponsible,” she stated. The health problem is now killing 70 percent of its victims in Africa.

Physicians for Civil Defense has actually long advocated much better preparedness for disasters, including natural epidemics and biological warfare.

Contact: Jane M. Orient, M.D., (520) 323-3110,

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