Rock band Enormodome takes its name from scene in ‘Spinal Tap’

The members of the Flagstaff rock group Enormodome, singer/guitarist Jeff Lusby-Breault and drummer Mike Seitz, have actually been through the wars in the music business. They are veterans of bands that tried to build profession fires nationally only to fizzle in the fickleness of major label land. Now that’s the last thing worldwide they want: all of that aggravation. Re-emerging as a duo along with an entirely different concept of exactly what it means to be successful, they understand a decent sense of humor can easily go a long way, and a sense of independence is a terrific aid to sanity.
The bottom line is if it doesn’t feel fun, they don’t want anything to do along with it. And as a result, despite the fact that they started playing with each other merely for enjoyment, they are now a local band finding victory on their own terms.
Enter, success, in the form of getting an invitation to tour, both as performers and audio engineers, starting in September, along with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.
Enormodome takes its name from a transitional moment in the mock-u-mentary film “Spinal Tap,” which hit the music business right in the funny bone. It comes from the point in the film as soon as Spinal Tap, the band, fails to grab reservations confirmed at a hotel in Memphis. Finding their once shining star sinking fast, the band runs in to Duke Fame, a seeming mute whose star is on the rise. And Fame’s handler in the hotel lobby, in an awkward moment as he tries to slip away from Spinal Tap’s entourage, describes the sold-out, 20,000-seat venue they are concerning to play as the “Enormodome.”
When Seitz heard Lusby-Breault’s idea for the name of their fledgling act, the drummer, fairly much the comic relief personality between them, merely made a loud “yeoowwwwww” sound.
“That name merely popped in to my head,” Lusby-Breault says. “It’s merely bigness developed by two people. It’s merely so loud.”
The two were clearly excited to grab the invite from Clyne and the Peacemakers.
“We have actually been talking along with him or her (Clyne) for a year,” Lusby-Breault says. “They are fiercely independent. They do every little thing on their own. However Roger said he was constantly concerned concerning not being able to hear themselves sing on stage … So we suggested to them that we would certainly tour on their bus, and we would certainly additionally be the touring sound guys. We’ll open the reveal — we only have actually a small quantity of equipment — and then do all of the PA system job for them. We tossed that pointer about along with them for the much better section of a year …”
Then Seitz, breaking in, “… we finally told them we are merely going to beat you up and take your your hard earned cash and do your show.” Finally, after some good-natured arm twisting, the arrangement was made: the guitar-and-drums act would certainly open the shows, break their own equipment down, and then handle the monitors to make certain Clyne and the Peacemakers got the sound system they were looking for.
“This was a genuine opporunity,” Seitz says. “These guys have actually been on the road for 20 years. They know where all of the good rest stops are.”
Enormodome is an economical outfit. Claiming inspiration from bands such as Led Zeppelin and Audioslave and Jack White of the White Stripes, their recordings feature sonic blasts that make it hard to believe only two guys are placing out that much sound. They are, basically, a power duo, as opposed to a power trio. Their brand-new album, “Big Boy Machines,” can easily be classified somewhere between the hard rock and alternative landscapes, and though they say they did little to encourage crowd-pleasing accessibility, lots of of the tunes, at least partially because of Nashville-based producer J. Hill, are focused and very radio ready. All of their experience and a sense of professionalism are packed in to their web site (, where the brand-new music from “Big Boy Machines” is streaming and downloadable for free.
The two met a decade ago at Northern Arizona University, and they would certainly frequently cross paths at the Arizona Pro Music store on Route 66. Seitz says he’d merely moved to town and Lusby-Breault was one of the initial people he’d recorded with. Seitz was attempting to be a singer/songwriter capable of doing vocals, guitar, keyboards and percussion. “It was terrible, However it was fun,” he says of those early recordings.
Meanwhile, Lusby-Breault was playing guitar for a band in 2004 that was eventually signed to Atlantic Records, Mercy Fall, while Seitz played for a Flagstaff band along with big label ambitions, Telescope. Mercy Fall shot for the big time by moving to the East Coast to tour and be closer to the scene, living in Rhode Island and recording in brand-new York City. “We would certainly go out on the road every four to 6 weeks and we were starving,” Lusby-Breault says. “We were consuming peanut butter and honey on a tortilla.” The band went on to tour along with Seether, and as soon as Mercy Fall’s lead singer decided to pursue folk music instead, the remaining members formed a collection of brand-new bands. However Mercy Fall, to that point, was as close as it got to attaining fame.
Telescope was additionally a band on the rise, expanding its regional fan base, as soon as they got an invitation to tape in Chicago and signed a management deal along with an agency in brand-new York. “We were two weeks away from having our dreams come true,” Seitz said of the experience along with Telescope. “However then we got the phone call: ‘Dudes, we have actually to shed you. Your live performance merely isn’t up to par.’ “
Both Seitz and Lusby-Breault defined their combined experience as an “an eight year adventure of ups and downs.” From that yo-yo journey, they learned a lot However say mostly, in the future, offered half a chance, they would certainly never try to play the get-a-big-label game again.
“You can easily job so hard,” Seitz says. “It’s unlike any industry in the world. It comes down to merely a few people and exactly what kind of mood they are in at any particular moment. We slowly slid in to a slightly dormant state, and then we (Seitz and Lusby-Breault) started playing with each other again.”
In the past two years the duo has actually combined their efforts as sound engineers and musicians, working in a studio space in the basement of the Masonic Building in downtown Flagstaff. Lusby-Breault says it has actually been a rewarding, life-changing experience.
“Now it’s time to say, let’s do every little thing independently,” he says. “We started along with merely us jamming in the rehearsal space as a pressure reliever. This band, Enormodome, was never going to play outside of the studio. However then we were invited to play the Green Room and we scrounged with each other a set, and it was the very best time in years that I’ve had playing music.”
They found a simplicity in only having “two people, two schedules, two opinions,” and every little thing fits in a compact car, Lusby-Breault says. “We don’t do anything unless it’s fun. That’s the rule. If we like a song, we don’t worry concerning whether the radio is going to like it. We did 10 songs exactly the method we wanted to do it … You write the very best songs you can, However you don’t take each various other so seriously.”
Which is why Seitz loves the self-deprecating attitude of Enormodome so much: “It’s kind of cool that it feels like we are in a higher school garage band.” And that Fame guy? exactly what a wanker.

Victim’s family writes letter to 9-year-old female Uzi shooter

PHOENIX, Sept. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The four youngsters of Charlie Vacca, that was tragically shot and killed last month by a 9-year-old girl discovering to shoot an Uzi submachine gun, have actually released a video statement. That statement is directed to the 9-year-old and can easily be saw at

The Vacca children, ages 11, 14, 15 and 19, every deliver a message in the video describing their father, exactly how they feel concerning the young shooter and just what their dad would certainly want.

According to Marc Lamber and James Goodnow, injury and wrongful death lawyers at Fennemore Craig, P.C., this incident has actually spawned a broader national discussion concerning gun safety and automatic weapons in the arms of children.

“Even though we feel this discourse is important, and we wish to participate, Charlie’s loved ones don’t desire it to overshadow the impact this tragedy has actually had on every person involved. On behalf of the family, we ask that you respect their privacy throughout this hard time,” said Goodnow.

“Now, we wish to job cooperatively along with authorities and investigative agencies to figure out exactly how this can have actually happened and much more importantly, exactly how it can have actually been prevented,” added Lamber.

Lamber and Goodnow represent the mother, sister and youngsters of Mr. Vacca.

About Fennemore Craig

Fennemore Craig is a full-service law firm along with nearly 200 attorneys and offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Nogales, Las Vegas, Denver and Reno. For much more article on Lamber and Goodnow’s individual injury method at Fennemore Craig, visit For much more article on the firm, visit

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Senators hold hearings on militarized police departments

Has the U.S. government overreacted because the 2001 terrorist attacks, producing a police state where local law enforcement agencies are armed along with weapons to make them look enjoy military units?
This week Senator Claire McCaskill begins hearings on the militarization of police departments. The senate subcommittee will certainly get hold of testimony from police officials, members of the departments of Justice, Defense and Homeland Security, taking a check out exactly how towns and cities across the United States have actually been equipped along with military hardware through various Homeland Security programs.
The Financial & Contracting Oversight Subcommittee is a response to calls demilitarization in Ferguson, Missouri, the St. Louis suburb Has actually witnessed unrest after the Aug. 9 shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
According to the Defense Logistics Agency, a federal routine called 1033 delivers surplus military equipment to civilian police forces across the United States: pistols, automatic rifles, armored vehicles, some capable of surviving blasts from land mines. While MRAPs could have actually utility in Afghanistan and Iraq, if land mines become a problem in the U.S., it’s unlikely, in the social disorder, that civilian police departments will certainly do a lot to protect anyone. Yet hey, they are terrific toys, right? Exactly what can easily be a lot more “peace officer” compared to an urban assault auto crashing through your porch and in to your living room?
“You have, after the Iraq war, a militarization of the police along with weapons that were produced for warfare,” Luis Fernandez of Northern Arizona University’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice told the Arizona Day-to-day Sun recently.
For example, the Flagstaff poice department Has actually received such military gear as rifles, night vision goggles, ballistic helmets and a Humvee. In an additional progress this week, it was reported that Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department’s military surplus from the 1033 routine had to be sent back since it lost monitor of arms provided to the Arizona law enforcement agency.

The cumulative effect for Americans, on either the right or the left, as quickly as images of military equipment march in to your Estate on the television screen, makes individuals feel enjoy they are being invaded. They are in bullet-proof vests. Wearing khaki. Not a lot usage in an urban landscape, Yet undoubtedly intimidating. They point a Taser gun at your chest. Maybe they are in a line, dressed in riot gear for a peaceful protest: The a lot more you get, the a lot more most likely something unsatisfactory is going to happen. Call it group behavior. And now they are armed enjoy the military, all of dressed up in hand me downs from various Gulf wars, Middle-Eastern interventions, and the overall look is that of an occupying force. This Has actually been the kick-ass first, ask questions later policy of law enforcement because 9/11.

But, in the social media environment, along with tactics and agent overkill exposed prior to a national audience of individuals outraged by the war zone presentation in Ferguson, Missouri, maybe something good can easily come of it? Maybe in the shrill mechanical noise of the initial Amendment being cancelled by the St. Louis County army bullhorn telling protestors to go home, maybe in the pyrotechnics of anti-crowd devices, in the ghostly images of shadows operating through smoke, of television camera crews operating from tear gas canisters, maybe in all that dystopian detail, maybe from all of that the media-military-industrial complex could begin asking a lot more questions. Maybe, after numerous dozens of them are spread about in a viral revelation of what’s truly going on, these videoed instances of police brutality and anti-protest overreach will certainly get hold of the focus of the silent majorities of citizens tired of watching the U.S. Constitution going down the drain. Maybe a person will certainly attempt to restrict the hand-me-down policy. This is being called for by U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), that is seeking to restrict the Pentagon’s “1033 program”
Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Well, actually, it’s rather unlikely. As long as the culture of violence is the unchecked feature of law enforcement, riots in the wake of police shootings will certainly keep on to be a symptom.

EarthLink to Present at Credit Suisse Global Credit Products and Deutsche Bank Leveraged Finance Conferences

ATLANTA, Sept. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — EarthLink Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: ELNK), a best managed network and cloud solutions provider for multi-spot businesses, today announced that Bradley A. Ferguson, EarthLink Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will certainly present at the upcoming Credit Suisse Global Credit Items Conference at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on Thursday, September 18 at 3:30 pm ET. A webcast of the Credit Suisse presentation will certainly be readily available at:

Ferguson will certainly likewise present at the Deutsche Bank Leveraged Finance Conference at the Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona on Tuesday, September 30 at 9:30 am MT.

About EarthLink
EarthLink (EarthLink Holdings Corp., NASDAQ: ELNK) supplies managed network, security and cloud solutions for multi-spot businesses. We insight thousands of specialty retailers, restaurants, financial institutions, healthcare providers, professional service firms and regional governments deliver a reliable and engaging customer experience in their stores and branch offices. We do so by building and controlling MPLS WAN networks, by offering virtualized infrastructure, security, hosted voice, secure WiFi and compliance solutions, and by providing exceptional customer care. We operate a nationwide network spanning much more compared to 28,000 fiber route miles, along with 90 metro fiber rings and protected data centers that give ubiquitous data and voice IP service coverage. Our EarthLink Carrier™ division sells facilities-based wholesale telecommunications to others providers and our award-winning Internet programs connect hundreds of thousands of residential customers across the U.S. For more, visit and adhere to @earthlink, LinkedIn and Google+.


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Improve Your Meetings Today: Avoid The Great White Collar Crime

When Industry Week called meetings “the Fantastic White Collar Crime”, estimating they waste 37 billion dollars a year, it captured the spot light and studies kicked off to see just what was behind the damage in North America. Research conducted by the Annenberg School of Communications at UCLA and the University of Minnesota’s Training & Development Research Focus showed executives on standard spend 40-50% of their working hours in meetings. Further the studies point out that as much as 50% of meeting time is unproductive and that up to 25% is spent discussing irrelevant issues. Worst, results indicated 9 from 10 people daydream in meetings. If you are looking for a solution to this business challenge, join my interview along with Kristin Arnold, an award-winning business author and industry leader to watch. As we gain assistance from her credentials spanning 20 years that include: founder and president of The Extraordinary Group & QPC Inc., global speaking as well as the leading higher stakes meeting facilitation for global clients.

Q: Ms. Arnold, is it true that unproductive meetings can easily negatively impact the bottom line of businesses today?

Ms. Arnold: Indeed, others research including the University of Arizona teamwork study, indicate there are much more compared to 11 million formal meetings per day in the United States – adding up to three billion meetings per year. from these, managers spend regarding 20% of their time in formal meetings of 5 people or more. While a meeting between several managers or executives could cost upwards of $1000 per hour in salary costs alone. Further and as a point of reference, a single Fortune 50 company estimates losses in excess of $75 million per year as a result of poor meetings.
Based on these findings, it is clear that Group meetings deserve attention and sound guidelines in lots of of today’s businesses.

Q: If you were working along with a team, that has to grab spine on the productive meeting track, just what suggestions would certainly you provide them?

Ms. Arnold: Here are 6 actions that Group leaders can easily take that will certainly recommendations them regain productively right away:

No. 1 Check your alignment – Make certain every attendee knows the meeting purpose, their expected contribution, and targeted outcome (or success) in advance.

No. 2 Ask yourself, “Do I actually have actually to do this?” – Is the targeted outcome something that can easily be attained throughout a quick face-to-face exchange or a collection of phone calls?

No. 3 Leverage technology – fully utilize today’s technology that can easily streamline every little thing from scheduling and recording to article sharing devoid of leaving your desktop. Examples inside of Microsoft office include: Lync, Outlook, along along with SharePoint. Outside solutions for engagement can easily be covered by: Skype, Doodle, and Google Docs.

No. 4 Share the agenda ahead of time or at the start of the meeting – Oddly, independent studies indicate that up to 60 percent of meetings do not have actually ready agendas. Embrace this straightforward step and make your agenda as individual as possible. Alternatively, if the meeting does not start out along with an agenda, be bold and make one at the start of the meeting. Use this straightforward formula: List the topics/name, ask exactly how long/that will certainly lead, does the Group have actually enough time?, If no – assign A-B-C priorities, and start along with the “A’s”

No. 5 Wear one hat at a time – remember that in Group management three prevalent scenarios include: hierarchical; Group based; and self-directed models. Continue to be focused on your role and lead based on which
model is assigned to the project at hand. This avoids confusion along along with duplicated effort as the Group moves forward.

No. 6 make and monitor action items – Prior to wrapping up Make certain action items are summarized, and that roles along along with timing are assigned to each. If a follow on meeting is critical, routine it Prior to the group breaks up also. Working along with a large team? Think of a revolving action item list (RAIL) that is usually built in excel along with these headings: action, owner,

Your Opportunity To Utilize These Tips
Which meeting are you leading this week that can easily be much more productive? Identify a 2 of the actions above and implement them within the next 10 days.