VA director’s overdue firing applauded by Legion

WASHINGTON, Nov. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Monday’s termination of embattled Phoenix VA Healthcare System Director Sharon Helman is “a long-awaited step along the road to restored trust between veterans and their federal health-care system,” American Legion National Commander Michael D. Helm said.

Helman had been on paid administrative leave for nearly 6 months due to the fact that whistleblowers told national media that Arizona veterans had died waiting on secret lists for medical appointments that were never ever scheduled. That revelation last spring was followed by much more compared to twenty extra allegations of falsified records and various other complications in VA leadership, including financial bonuses paid to directors on the basis of the falsified records, at facilities throughout the country.

“due to the fact that it came to light that as lots of as 40 veterans in Phoenix lost their lives while their names languished on secret lists, The American Legion has actually been demanding accountability from those responsible,” Helm said. “This is one long-overdue step in a quest that is far from over. Unfortunately, as we every one of soon discovered after the story broke last April, this problem was not isolated to Phoenix. It was widespread, and we expect to see extra consequences, even criminal charges if they are warranted, for anyone that knowingly misled veterans and denied them access to medical services. The termination of one director does not end this scandal, however it is a step.”

The American Legion called for the resignations of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, Under Secretary for Healthiness Robert Petzel and Under Secretary for Rewards Allison Hickey after the allegations of falsified appointment documentation came to light in May. Petzel and Shinseki the two resigned prior to June 1, however Hickey remains at her post. “We are closely monitoring the backlog of VA Rewards claims also because, enjoy delayed appointments, they are a barrier to care,” Helm said.

The American Legion has actually conducted a collection of Veterans Crisis Command Centers and Town Hall Meetings nationwide due to the fact that June where thousands of veterans and their families received guidance speeding up appointment times, obtaining decisions on long-undecided Rewards claims and recommendations splitting various other barriers to care and service from VA. The very first of those events, June 9-13, was offered in Phoenix where The American Legion gave firsthand guidance to no fewer compared to 590 veterans. In late October, the events were renamed Veterans Rewards Centers, and they are scheduled to keep on in to 2015.

“These events were renamed since we are now making progress, functioning along with VA and veterans in affected areas, since we fully believe that trust can easily be restored,” Helm said. “It is no longer a crisis, by definition. however it is a process, and VA has actually a long method to go. Today’s decision, and the extra consequences we expect to come sooner fairly compared to later, advanced the process.”

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‘Constantine’ production halted at 13 episodes; second season hopes still alive

For those that delight in adhering to the adventures of so-called master of the dark crafts John Constantine in the NBC titular show, the period one quest will certainly be shorter compared to expected. broke the news yesterday that actors With the dramatization were educated that they would certainly no more be filming beyond the 13 episodes gotten With the very first season. This follows comparable choices earned by the network With freshman displays Bad Judge and A to Z, which have actually been cancelled.

Daniel Cerone, Constantine‘s executive producer, confirmed the news via Twitter along with a comply with up that the reveal might no more comply with the road of its fellow freshman flounders.

“The makers are confidant.” tweeted Cerone. “Constantine better ratings compared to Hannibal and CLIMBING. Hannibal obtained third season. So sustain watching! #Constantine”

The reveal is currently trending higher after the decision was made, along with an approximate 35 percent improve in ratings adhering to the launching of its 5th episode ‘Danse Vadou‘ last Friday. Constantine presently airs at 10 p.m. regard Fridays regard NBC.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sues Obama Over Immigration Executive Order

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today, in response to the executive order President Barack Obama has actually signed successfully granting amnesty to regarding a half of the illegal aliens currently in this country, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona filed a lawsuit to enjoin this unconstitutional act. This lawsuit can easily be discovered at

Sheriff Arpaio’s lawyer is Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, former federal prosecutor and founder of the two Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. Mr. Klayman recently succeeded in achieving a preliminary injunction versus the National Security Agency for having unconstitutionally accessed the telephonic metadata of nearly every one of American citizens. See Klayman v. Obama, et al (Civil Action No. 13-cv-851), filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. 

Upon filing the complaint, which is styled Arpaio v. Obama, et al. prior to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Civil Action No. 14-cv-1966), Sheriff Arpaio issued this statement:

“This unconstitutional act by the President will certainly have actually a significant detrimental impact on my doing the duties and responsibilities for which I was elected Sheriff. Specifically, it will certainly severely strain our resources, the two in manpower and financially, which are vital to protect the citizens I was elected to serve. For instance, among the several negative effects of this executive order, will certainly be the increased launch of criminal aliens spine into streets of Maricopa County, Arizona, and the remainder of the nation.

I am not seeking to myself enforce the immigration laws as this is the province of the federal government. Rather, I am seeking to have actually the President and the others defendants obey the U.S. Constitution, which prevents this executive order from having been issued in the initial place. This unconstitutional act should be enjoined by a court of law on behalf of not merely myself, yet all the American people.”

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Internet Archive turns your browser into an arcade machine with latest additions

The Internet Archive, a plethora of digital media collected in the name of keeping record online, lately earned video game additions to its catalog. The very best part? Users can easily play these games straight from their very own browser.

The latest addition of some 300 classic arcade games spans very a couple of years of video game history. A lot more well-known classics such as BurgerTime, Commando, Defender, and Street Fighter II are offered, too as A lot more obscure titles adore Two Tigers, Space Panic, and The Electric Yo Yo. The games are playable in browser via a Javascript emulator programmed in.

Some various other off-beat video games are readily available such as Crazy Kong, the bootlegged overseas version of the classic Donkey Kong. Yet another intriguing addition to the archive entails Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition, which was hacked to swap Jumpman (later called Mario) along with the princess Pauline, to make sure that she could conserve your man from Donkey Kong’s clutches.

The recent additions to the Internet Archive can easily be accessed and played here.

Top Baseball Prospects Utilizing Nutrition to Optimize Vision, Reflexes, at Major League Baseball’s 2014 Arizona Fall League

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — To grab to the top of their game, professional baseball users should take every measure they can easily to improve. The Arizona Fall League, which is an off-season league owned and operated by Major League Baseball, gives some of the league’s top prospects much more time to do simply that.  By boosting their skills, users prepare to take the jump to the big leagues, a jump two-thirds of Fall League users will certainly eventually make. 

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Running from early October until the championship game in mid November, the Arizona Fall League has actually seen some of baseball’s top stars perform prior to they were stars.  Household names like Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Giancarlo Stanton, and Matt Holiday all donned Fall League jerseys at one point in their respected careers.

And while they are there to play baseball, they are being exposed to a new, safe means to improve their performance. “Boosting vision and reaction time through nourishment is a relatively brand-new concept,” according to Dave Ellis, a sports dietician along with over 30 years of experience in the field.  Ellis worked along with EyePromise, a doctor-recommended, NSF certified brand of eye good health vitamins throughout the 2013 and 2014 Arizona Fall League seasons, travelling from club Residence to club house, educating some of baseball’s top minor league prospects on the link between certain nutrients and improved vision, processing speed, and reaction time. “The reality of the matter is that there is a growing physique of research that supports the positive role individual nutrients like Zeaxanthin have actually on the means our eyes perform.”

In 2012, ZeaVision Holdings Inc, the moms and dad company of EyePromise, launched EyePromise vizual EDGE PRO, an NSF certified for sport eye vitamins formulated specifically for the requires of higher performance athletes.  EyePromise vizual EDGE PRO is made to tips athletes see much better and react faster by boosting vision quality and increasing visual processing speed, or the speed at which the eyes and brain communicate.  According to Dr. Dennis Gierhart, the founder of ZeaVision Holdings and scientist behind the EyePromise brand of eye vitamins, the growing physique of research was becoming too wonderful to ignore. “Once you check out the bodily demands of a baseball player, vision is paramount. Every little thing starts along with the write-up they take in through their eyes,” said Dr. Gierhart.  EyePromise, whom most recently collaborated along with the University of Georgia to publish a study on the effects of paprika-derived Zeaxanthin on vision and reaction time, has actually been in the forefront of those research efforts and simply concluded its second year working along with the Arizona Fall League. 

Before the game on Saturday, EyePromise presented an award to the 2014 Arizona Fall League batting champion and prized Cincinnati Reds prospect, Jesse Winker.  Winker, that hit .338 over the course of the season, won a close race, leading all hitters in batting standard going in to the championship game.  His performance raised funds for Optometry Giving Sight, a global fundraising initiative that targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision as a result of uncorrected refractive error. 

Baseball users aren’t the only ones utilizing paprika-derived Zeaxanthin for improved vision and reaction time.  According to Dr. Gierhart, adopters range from USA Olympic hockey hopefuls to professional basketball players, golfers, tennis players, and even Olympic skeet and trap shooters.  “We have actually had a huge influx of people asking to buy exactly what the pros are taking,” said Dr. Gierhart.  Based on that demand, EyePromise recently launched EyePromise vizual EDGE, a one-a-day vitamin supplement that makes it convenient and affordable for day-to-day people to grab the nutrients their eyes have to perform and peak levels. 

About ZeaVision Inc
ZeaVision®, the moms and dad company of EyePromise®, was founded in 2001 along with a mission to fight vision loss and maintain healthy and balanced vision. along with over 20 years of research, ZeaVision pioneered the use of Zeaxanthin, a natural antioxidant and photo-protectant, for eye good health use. along with much more compared to 50-million doses consumed, EyePromise products are made in the U.S.A from the highest-quality, natural ingredients.

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