Census Bureau Announces 2015 Site Selections for 2020 Census Tests

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WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, throughout the 20twenty Census Regimen Management Review webcast, Burton Reist, chief of the 20twenty Census Research and Preparation Office at the U.S. Census Bureau, announced there will certainly be census examinations in Maricopa County, Ariz., and the Savannah, Ga. location in 2015 to research a lot more modern and efficient means to Matter the population in the 20twenty Census. The examinations will certainly explore brand-new means for the population to respond to the once-a-decade census, too as a lot more expenditure efficient means for census takers to follow up along with households that fall short to respond.

The Savannah test will certainly primarily concentrate on increasing self-response to the census by providing means to pre-register and respond via the Internet or by phone. The Savannah location was picked for its demographic diversity, degree of computer ownership and being a location that represents a individual media market. This sort of location can easily tips the Census Bureau test brand-new forms of digital advertising and targeted promotion for increasing response, particularly via the Internet. Hiring staff to follow up along with non responding households is not required due to the fact that the main focus of the Savannah test is self-response.

The test in Maricopa County will certainly be smaller, concentrating on complying with up along with households that fall short to respond to the census. Maricopa County has actually a mobile and diverse population, which will certainly tips the Census Bureau study brand-new means to conduct field operations and Control field staff.  Conducting this test will certainly require recruiting and hiring a lot more compared to 800 temporary office and field staff. Pay ranges from $16.25 to $28.25 per hour. For write-up on exactly how to apply, call 1-888-361-6891.

The census examinations are being used to make the constitutionally mandated, once-a-decade headcount quick, straightforward and safe. By making use of technology and existing government data, the 20twenty Census seeks to give substantial taxpayer savings while preserving a commitment to quality, accuracy and confidentiality.

For a lot more information, visit www.census.gov.

Public write-up Office
email: pio@census.gov

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Newly adopted dog goes missing same day as former foster mother’s memorial

Trace, a newly-adopted dog, is lost in the New River, AZ area, after slipping away from his brand-new estate last night, Saturday, October 5, 2014. Trace was adopted out a week ago, from the Luv of Dogz Fund rescue, is a shy dog, and even though he has actually been spotted several times, every time he has actually been scared off, hampering rescue attempts.

The rescue is asking for any person in the brand-new River location to preserve an eye out for him, and report sightings to Kendra at 480-747-4121 and Art at 480-747-0310. He initially went skipping from the 49th Avenue and Kastler Lane location of brand-new River.

Trace, a Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix, is about 50 pounds, tan. He is terrific along with others dogs and loves children, yet takes a little time to warm up to adults – so if spotted, be cautious regarding approaching. He is not a danger to people, yet can easily and will certainly be easily spooked – possibly driving your man farther from the area.

Described as sweet-natured, Trace has actually suffered some upheaval recently. Tragically, Trace’s foster mother, Kasey Covey, passed away on Friday, September 26, 2014, flanked by her foster dogs:

The evening she passed, firefighters and her sister discovered her in bed along with a foster canine on each adverse of her protecting her as she had protected them.

Kasey had currently established an appointment for Trace to fulfill his adopters that Saturday, September 27th, so among the Luv of Dogz Fund members took Trace to fulfill them and finalized his adoption.

Trace has actually just been in his adoptive estate one week, and escaped the exact same day of his foster mother’s memorial service, October 4th. Please circulate his short article and let’s advice Trace locate his method estate again!

For any person skipping a pet, please check out these Lost pet dog Resources:








Republic Services’ Commitment to Planet Reinforced Through Inaugural Participation in the CDP S&P 500 Climate Change Report

PHOENIX, Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In its dedication to responsible, long term management of the country’s recycling and non-hazardous tough waste, Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) is pleased to announce its inaugural participation in CDP’s 2014 climate adjustment program, the outcomes of which were released through the CDP S&P 500 Climate adjustment Report 2014. For Republic’s initial year, which will certainly make its baseline for future submissions, Republic gained a Disclosure score of 93 from 100, which reflects its durable commitment to transparency, thoroughness and responsibility, and a C band in Performance – which Republic sees as a durable starting point for a first-year responder.   

CDP is the only organization worldwide that provides a global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, control and share important environmental information. The CDP S&P 500 Climate adjustment Report presents the progression obtained by companies in lowering emissions, responding to climate-related risks and opportunities, and mobilizing influence to control climate change. 

“We are encouraged by our first-year scores in the CDP Report. Establishing a starting point is important to our continued progression and improvement versus CDP’s clearly defined metrics,” said Pete Keller, vice president, Recycling and Customer Solutions. “We are devoted stewards of the planet’s natural resources, finding opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint while expanding our capabilities to solve our customers’ evolving recycling and waste needs. Participating in the CDP Report is yet another essential step in our promise to make this a much better environment for everyone.”

Involvement in the 2014 CDP S&P 500 Climate adjustment Report substantiates the Company’s commitment to give effortless waste and recycling solutions to millions of customers across the country by positioning the environment and sustainability at the focus of its firm strategy. Republic’s submission focused on environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, renewable electricity projects, operational excellence and transparency.

About Republic Services:
Republic Services, Inc. is an industry leader in U.S. recycling and non-hazardous tough waste.  Through its subsidiaries, Republic’s collection companies, transfer stations, recycling centers and landfills concentrate on providing reliable environmental services and solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers. Republic and its employees believe in protecting the planet and applying common sense solutions to customers’ waste and recycling challenges. For much more information, visit the Republic website at republicservices.com

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GOP gubernatorial candidate’s ‘tooth fairy math’ is mythic run-in with reality

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey is simply yet another Republican candidate that is so far flung in his thinking that he believes he can easily imaginatively reinvent the political, social and especially financial realities out West.
His insistence that the state can easily somehow grab out from under the thumb of the federal government is a authorize that he’s yet another right-wing ideologue adore Colorado GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, that wishes his state to take over national parks. However Arizona is No. 8 in the nation in terms of federal funds received annually. The state’s economy is dependent upon the defense industry. No wonder his opponent, Democratic challenger Fred DuVal accuses Ducey of “tooth fairy math.”
Ducey, that resembles a Gila monster in a match along with a Bob’s Big Boy haircut, can easily at least be credited for one thing: A single-minded determination to maintain to his talking points, regardless of exactly what the question could be at the debate. As the former CEO of the Cold Stone ice lotion chain, I can easily undoubtedly see your man in an apron wielding an ice lotion scoop, However I’m not sure exactly how that qualifies your man for governor. And if I have actually to listen to that upper-Midwestern Ohioan accent after November, I’m going to have actually to turn the sound off on my television. (See, we Dumbocrats can easily make superficial points, too.)
Exposing a myth is basic enough to do, However once you are attempting to see through piles of propaganda higher as mountains, it’s basic to grab stuck in the quicksand if you don’t maintain your eyes to the ground. The myth I’m referring to is that Arizonans have actually some type of special independent streak that sets them apart from the rest of the nation. As GOP nominee Ducey puts it on the endless campaign commercials, “We are known for our independence streak here in Arizona.”
Such falsehoods were perpetuated once Washington Times online opinion editor Monica Crowley wrote on July 16, 2014, that the American West is “a region that remained most faithful to the nation’s founding principles of personal freedom, rugged individualism and economic freedom.”
Just takes a little research to discover this is not the case. The point is, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ducey is accused of getting a government bailout as a result of the failure rates and financing, in general, for his Cold Stone ice lotion franchises. It got so bad, it didn’t even take a political commercial to put me over the edge (that is, to inspire an extended commentary). Nope, it was an ice lotion commercial that boasted Arizonans are “fiercely independent.”
How this could be is the root of the myth of the West as somehow being some type of island of do-it-on your own virtues, and additionally helps to explain why Arizona continues to breed such weird political animals. All kinds of ironies persist. State residents, consisting mainly of conservatives and so-called “independents” are unhinged from the fact by politicians playing either a very cynical game, or, are so dyslexic over the state’s genuine history they have actually merely swallowed the Kool-Aid. The fact is out there, somewhere far in the southwestern deserts of the state, waiting to explode adore some type of unexploded ordnance on the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range, 1.9 million acres of bomb targeted rock and dust roughly the size of Connecticut. Yes, Arizona’s elected are very sturdy on defense, the largest section of the federal budget, and, a huge portion of Arizona’s economy.
The American Southwest owes its pretty civilization to the federal government. And Arizona is for good on life support in myriad ways. For example, devoid of water from the Central Arizona Project, a federal project carrying water from the Colorado River to Phoenix and Tucson, such cities would certainly have actually never grown to blob status. Prior to that was built, Prior to Arizona was even a state, the Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902 established the opportunity of raising federal funds for irrigation projects across the West. Since the Southwest is a drought-dry desert, and anyone that lives there is essentially receiving only slightly much less life support compared to what’s called for on the moon.
In 2011 Cronkitenewsonline.com reported “Federal funds flowing to Arizona have actually doubled in the past 10 years.” Citing the U.S. Census Bureau, the report states “Arizona residents, governments and businesses received $64 billion in federal your hard earned cash in fiscal 2010, much more compared to double exactly what the state received in 2001 .” (This year it was reported that Arizona ranked 10th in the nation for federal funds.)
“The biggest enhance in federal funds to Arizona over the past decade was not in salaries or welfare payments, However in federal grants to the state and to local jurisdictions, which grew from $5.4 billion in 2001 to $14.4 billion (in 2010),” the report states, a 164 percent enhance that occurred while the state’s population grew 20 percent, from 5.3 million individuals to 6.4 million. The pretty notion that Arizona is “fiercely independent” doesn’t score pretty higher when, according to Ballotpedia.org, the state is No. 8 in the nation in terms of federal aid to state budgets, much more compared to Colorado, Nevada, Brand-new Mexico and Utah.
Arizona Sen. John McCain joined no mood for mythmaking once he told AZ Capitol Times that “potential defense spending cuts could cost thousands of jobs and $3 billion to the state’s economy.” Yes, it takes a little manure to make the grass green, and rainmaker McCain did all that he could to plow the field. He inserted $14.3 million in a 2003 defense bill so Sun Cor Development could grab its means to buy 122 acres about Luke Air Force Base. At the time, McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers explained the senator “wanted to avoid the Pentagon from closing Luke.” (That worked out okay, However Sun Cor went belly up in 2012.)
Indeed, pork knows best. According to Forbes, as a percentage of GDP, Arizona is among the top 10 states (ranked No.8), receiving nearly three percent of all defense spending, $2,321 per resident. Tucson is among the top 10 for military spending or contracts, receiving $4.9 billion per year. The entire state accounts for 96,000 jobs, $9.1 billion in annual economic output and $401 million in state and local taxes. It’s no wonder that politicians adore Arizona’s outgoing governor Jan Brewer stressed that defense is the state’s No. 1 industry.

So he could be able to scoop ice cream, However it’s not going to do your man much good once going head-to-head over federal expenditures along with Raytheon.

Yes, there are some outlanders out there, and Ducey is one of them. Echoing the beliefs of outlaw rancher Cliven Bundy, that has actually refused to understand the federal government’s authority, Arizona’s GOP front-runner is just amping up the ideology for Arizona’s far right. Yet, the naked truth is, Ducey’s platform is simply yet another run-in along with reality.

OEM Group is proud to announce Scientech is now our authorized exclusive Distributor in China.

PHOENIX, Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — OEM Group, Inc., of Gilbert, Arizona, the best supplier of legacy tools solutions, announced today that it has actually signed an agreement along with Scientech Corporation as an exclusive representative/distributor for China.  Scientech will certainly be the authorized distributor for OEM’s LEGENDSTM product lines.

Scientech, established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1979 and along with offices throughout China and Taiwan, is a highly respected service and tools representative business serving the Semiconductor (front-end, back-end and GaAs), Flat Panel Display, LED, Data Storage, Scientific Instruments and high-tech related industries.

Wayne Jeveli, OEM Group CEO said, “OEM Group and Scientech discuss the exact same firm philosophy: We win just as quickly as our customers succeed. Together, we will certainly delivering customers throughout China our proprietary LEGENDSTM solutions, and guidance those markets accelerate. By partnering along with Scientech, we are leveraging their neighborhood presence, durable service infrastructure and extensive knowledge in our target markets. This continues the expansion of our capabilities in Asia and is crucial to serving our customers promptly and efficiently.”   

About OEM Group, Inc.:
OEM Group is a global manufacturer of Brand-new and remanufactured semiconductor capital tools and upgrades focused on innovative and sustaining solutions for emerging markets. Our proven LEGENDS™ portfolio includes exclusive intellectual property acquired from best semiconductor brands, including: P5000™, Tegal™ Etch, Sputtered Films® Endeavor™, MRC® Eclipse™, AGHeatpulse®, Varian® Sunset™, Lam® AutoEtch™ and Applied Materials-SEMITOOL®Manual Batch, Automated Batch and Solitary Wafer Equinox™.  Along with the LEGENDS™ lines, OEM provides an Applications Improvement labs for wet processing and Foundry solutions for piezoelectric AlN films.

For much more write-up Concerning Scientech Corporation, visit their website at http://www.scientech.com.tw/  (Chinese) or http://www.scientech.com.tw/EN/ (English)

For details visit: www.oemgroupinc.com

SOURCE OEM Group, Inc.