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Burger 21 To Open Second Arizona Restaurant in Chandler on Nov. 3

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TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Burger 21®, a brand-new better burger franchise founded by the owners of The Melting Pot® Restaurants, Inc. franchise company based in Tampa, Fla., announced today its second restaurant in Arizona will certainly open in Chandler on Nov. 3 at 2855 W. Ray Road. To celebrate along with the community, the very first 100 guests to visit the restaurant on opening day will certainly receive a free Burger 21 t-shirt and all of guests will certainly have actually the opportunity to enter for a opportunity to gain a free tailgate grill.  

The brand-new restaurant is locally-owned and operated by current Burger 21 franchisee Dan Lenhauser, that opened the brand’s very first western U.S. restaurant located in Scottsdale earlier this year. Lenhauser is a seasoned multi-unit Subway franchisee along with much more compared to 15 years of experience in the Phoenix market.

“I’m thrilled to expand Burger 21’s presence in Arizona along with the opening of the brand-new Chandler location,” said Lenhauser. “Burger 21 has actually a unique culture and a diverse menu that appeals to a wide array of guests. We have actually already built a loyal adhering to at the Scottsdale location and I have actually no doubt that the Chandler community will certainly additionally like our gourmet burgers devoid of the gourmet price.”

Burger 21 Chandler features 21 unique, chef-motivated burger creations, hand-crafted signature shakes, gourmet hot dogs, hand-breaded chicken tenders and fresh salads served in a contemporary-style diner atmosphere along with fast, high-touch service.

Highlights of Burger 21 Chandler include:

  • 60 brand-new group members hired in Chandler
  • Approximately 2,400 square feet
  • Seating for 70 customers inside the restaurant
  • Patio along with seating for 50 customers

With the opening of the Chandler location, Burger 21 will certainly have actually 15 Bistros open and much more compared to 20 franchised locations in development across the country.

“We’re delighted to build our presence in the western United States along with the opening of our Chandler location and will certainly stay committed to our expansion efforts in the market,” said Mark Johnston, Burger 21 president. “Provided the early triumph of Burger 21’s very first restaurant in Arizona, we aim to make another 10 units in the better Phoenix metropolitan area over the next several years.”

The restaurant is open everyday from 11 a.m.10 p.m. Monday – Saturday and 11 a.m.9 p.m. on Sunday. To learn much more concerning Burger 21 Chandler, please call the restaurant at 480-899-0781 or visit Follow Burger 21 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and join the B21 Club to receive the current Burger 21 special offers and promotions delivered straight to your inbox.

Burger 21 was named one of QSR’s “Finest Franchise Deals” and additionally made the No. 5 ranking in Fast Casual’s Top 100 “Movers and Shakers” of 2014, up from No. 22 the prior year. Additionally, Burger 21 President Mark Johnston was acknowledged as one of the “Top 25 People” for his continued strategic leadership in the growth and development of the brand. Last year, the franchise’s gluten-free menu received the No. 1 ranking in the “Top 10 Menu Innovations” category.

As the brand continues to expand across the U.S., Burger 21 is seeking single- and multi-unit operators along with restaurant experience to join its upscale fast casual eating concept. Franchisee candidates need to have actually a minimum net worth of $500,000 and liquid assets of at least $200,000 per unit. Burger 21 will certainly be made through both single-unit agreements and Area Development Agreements. Depending on the genuine estate site selected, franchisees can easily expect the total investment for one restaurant to be approximately $422,083$974,395. The first franchise fee is $40,000; however, reasonable franchise fees apply for Area Development Agreements of four or much more units. 

To learn much more about ownership opportunities along with Burger 21, contact Ashley Pollard, franchise development manager for Burger 21, at 813-425-6252 or visit

About Burger 21
With 15 locations open in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Virginia, and much more compared to 20 in development in seven states, Burger 21 is a “beyond the much better burger” fast-casual franchise concept founded in 2010. Burger 21 is a chef-motivated brand along with offerings including 21 unique burger creations ranging from hand-crafted, freshly ground Certified Angus Beef® to chicken, turkey, vegetarian, shrimp and tuna burgers, fresh salads, all-beef hot dogs, chicken tenders and an extensive shake bar including hand-crafted shakes, floats and sundaes. Burger 21 is an affiliate of Front Burner Brands, a restaurant management company headquartered in Tampa, Fla. For much more information, visit

About Front Burner Brands
Front Burner Brands is a restaurant management company headquartered in Tampa, Fla. It is affiliated along with the corporate owners of and its management services extended to The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc., founded in 1975 along with much more compared to 130 locations in North America and much more compared to 20 locations currently in development, Burger 21 along with 15 locations open in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Virginia, and much more compared to 20 in development in seven states, and GrillSmith along with 5 locations in the Tampa Bay area. For much more information, visit

CONTACT: Erin Baker
Fish Consulting
(954) 893-9150


SOURCE Burger 21


Moet, Chandon, Beringer Added to Weekend Jetaway Lineup

On Saturday, November 1, the Scottsdale Airport will certainly transform from bustling transportation hub to the hottest celebration the North Valley has actually ever seen as it hosts the 3nd Weekend break Jetaway Culinary Casino Classic, presented by AXA Advisors Southwest, Jet Set Magazine and Aero Jet Services.

Set within among the airport’s own private jet hangars, Weekend break Jetaway will certainly improve funds for Elevate Phoenix via an evening of gourmet meals and drink, music, dancing, “elevated” surprise entertainers and a dice-design game that will certainly culminate along with four lucky guests winning a luxurious two-night, three-day round-quest vacation on their rather private jet.

PGA star and North Valley resident Tom Lehman, a founding board member of Elevate Phoenix, will certainly serve as the event’s honorary host. Lehman is the just golfer in history to have actually been awarded the User of the Year honor on all of 3 PGA Tours: the PGA Tour, the Tour and the Champions Tour. Currently playing on the PGA Senior Tour, Lehman won the Open Championship, among the PGA’s severe titles, in 1996.

In addition to hosting the affair, he will certainly additionally be bringing a prize merely as enticing as the private jet vacation itself – the possibility to bid on the opportunity to be his guest at the 2015 British Open!

Now, while just a decide on couple of guests will certainly gain the jet and British open packages, respectively, thanks to a lux silent auction including vacation homes, private eating experiences, spa packages, great jewelry and more, several party-goers will certainly leave winners.

And, provided the eye-popping culinary aspect of the event, all of party-goers will certainly leave full. Below is a sneak peek:

Alliance Beverage

The wildly popular Deep Eddy Vodka – in Ruby Red and original – will certainly be just one of the signature spirits of the evening. Joining Deep Eddy are a host of beers, wines and spirits, including:

· Ketel One Vodka

· Grey Goose Vodka

· Smirnoff Vodka

· Don Julia Tequila Blanco

· Leader Morgan Spiced Rum

· Jack Daniels

· Chandon Etoile Rose

· Moet Nectar Imperial

· Beringer Wines

· Lagunitas IPA

· Sam Adams Boston Lager

· Yukon Jack Wicked Hot

Sassi Scottsdale

Chef Christopher Nicosia will certainly be serving butternut squash panna cotta along with duck conserva and pomegranate too as the Sassi cannoli

Talavera at the Four Seasons Scottsdale Troon North

Chef Mel Mecinas will certainly be serving seared venison loin, mole sauce, stone fruit chutney and chocolate Grand Mariner mousse along with candied kumquats.

Proof at the Four Seasons Scottsdale Troon North

Chef Jesse Hansen will certainly be serving slow-moving braised boneless short ribs, marble potatoes, pleasant onion marmalade and cranberry pucker float.

The Yacht Club

Chef Aaron Might will certainly be serving oysters two ways.

Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market

Chef Lisa Anderson will certainly be serving pulled pork sliders and bourbon pecan tarts.

The Melting Pot

Director Marie Miller Rodriguez will certainly be serving chocolate covered strawberries.

SOL Cocina

Chef Deborah Schneider will certainly be serving Baja corn chowder along with crab.

The Mission

Chef Matt Carter will certainly be serving Sichuan pepper cured pork cheek, smoked and pickled cauliflower and figs.

Cookies from estate will certainly additionally be on-hand along with their crowd-pleasing cookies in your preferred flavors.

For a lot more information, please visit

Free Health Aid Can Add Years to Your Life, According to University of Arizona Health Psychologist

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Two good health researchers are on a mission to guidance you live longer and continue to be younger. On November 6-8, University of Arizona good health psychologist Dr. Victor Shamas and rehabilitation specialist Jhan Kold will certainly offer away one million copies of their Brand-new book, Repose: The Potent Pause.  The routine unveils a Brand-new good health tool that can easily eliminate stress, elevate mood, raise productivity, and increase overall health.

These claims are based on an intensive research regimen involving Repose, a relaxation technique that includes lying on one’s spine along with arms and legs extended. “Our studies have actually shown that lying in Repose for seven minutes three times day-to-day has actually dramatic good health benefits,” says Shamas. “People that technique Repose for 30 days prove to considerable improvement on bodily and mental good health indicators that are linked to increased longevity and a lesser rate of aging.”

Shamas and Kold have actually additionally collected case studies of People that have actually used Repose to heal chronic insomnia, break harmful habits and addictions, cope along with grief, recover from life-threatening liver disease, gone weight, stimulate creativity, and alleviate significant stress-related symptoms such as teeth-grinding and nausea.

“One of my beloved points concerning Repose is exactly how simple it is to do,” notes Kold. “In much less compared to a minute, I can easily teach Repose to simply concerning anyone. It costs nothing and there is no special equipment needed. Offered that the incentives of Repose are so wonderful and the cost of time and cash so low, the decision to incorporate Repose in to your day-to-day life appears adore a ‘no-brainer’.”

Shamas and Kold are so convinced of the incentives of Repose that they have actually decided to offer away their routine to the very first one million readers. “Repose is revolutionary.” Shamas claims. “It can easily certainly extend and increase the quality of your life, and it might even save a few lives.” Adds Kold, “Once we saw the energy of Repose for ourselves, we knew we had to make it accessible to as lots of people as possible.”

November 6-8, Repose: The Potent Pause will certainly be available devoid of charge on Amazon. To receive your free download, please visit

SOURCE Dr. Victor Shamas

Surviving the Halloween holiday candy temptation

For many, Halloween is the start of the slippery slope of the holiday season overindulging. Giving in to the temptations of Halloween candy activates areas of the brain to make neurotransmitters like dopamine (master switch of meals addiction) that can easily drive us drive us to overeat through Brand-new Year’s.

Here are 7 strategies to advice you survive the Halloween Holiday by reducing temptations to eat excess calories from candy:

1. If your giving out candy for “Trick or Treat”, do not purchase it on an empty stomach or have actually a person else do the shopping if you are tempted to over purchase.

2. Don’t purchase candy you like, purchase candy you do not like; Trick or Treaters are not that selective and it makes it simpler to provide leftovers away.

3. Not sure how lots of “Trick or Treaters will certainly stop by; purchase smaller sized bags, don’t open bags unless needed. If you purchase candy that does not have actually a Halloween theme label, returning unopened packages is much easier

4. Don’t go through a “Trick or Treaters” candy bag to sneak some of your favorite treats. If youngsters see adults helping themselves to “their” candy, they can easily create a scarcity mind set (can easily never have actually enough, or hording mentality for exactly what they have actually access to or consume it prior to others do) and this can easily stay along with them for life. It likewise sets a bad example if youngsters see adults scooping up candy – if adults consume it, it ought to be good.

5. Re-evaluate your belief system about Halloween – do you believe: Halloween is simply as much about adults getting their share of their favorite candy as it is for youngsters enjoying their Trick or Treat rewards; that it’s only one time a year so why not indulge; or that all chocolate is great for you.

6. Be cautions of tempting Brand-new holiday candy products, and marketing, read the labels carefully. For example, Hershey’s Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup now comes in a 1 pound package (2 1/2 pound bars) gift package. The marketing message on Hershey’s promo page states “A whole pound of chocolate nirvana in two giant-sized cups”. The message likewise suggests “Incorporate them in to strength training programs.” The entire package yields 2,280 calories 132 grams fat and 240 grams sugar (1.25 cups sugar) and the bars are not scored so it’s your guess exactly what a section looks like. Click here to see this behemoth.

7. If you are compelled to “fill” the candy dish at job or get hold of your supply of candy from it, think about this:

o If you become the self appointed workplace candy dish filler, chances are you will certainly fill it along with your favorite candy and eat your equal, otherwise a lot more than, share – why not, it’s your candy.

o Having a community candy dish can easily encourages or temp others to join in to a much less then health promoting habit, and as soon as everyone else is engaged in habit it becomes an acceptable office social norm, no matter exactly what the outcome … potential excess calorie and or sugar consumption.

o Even a person that has actually a Brand-new healthy and balanced mindset and has actually started to create healthy and balanced consuming routines can easily be tempted (a kind a of counter conditioning) because unlike being at residence where they can easily exercise stimulus control (not having candy in the home to stimulate the be tempted to consume candy), the temptation can easily simply be overwhelming.

o Throw in a few (non chocolate containing) granola bars on top. as soon as a person sees a granola bar they believe two times (they become mindful), chances you have actually to buy much less candy and much less will certainly be consumed.

o Don’t fill the dish to the op. Individuals that see a dish half filled believe two times about taking the remaining few perceived “chosen over” candy.

o Individuals will certainly take a lot more from a clear candy dish compared to tough color dish.

o Use hard candy (individually wrapped for meals safety) and stay away from chocolate which is the initial to go.

o Use a candy dish along with a lid – this actually deters some people from overindulging candy from a dish.

o The a lot more distant and from site the candy, the much less candy eaten.

o Whether you have actually your very own candy dish or there is an office dish, proximity/accessibility as to where the dish is place could result in a gain of 12 pounds per year – Click here to see a video that explains why.

If a person feels compelled to appreciate their candy fix or it becomes a fixation, the simple answer might be to stay away from feelings of being deprived and have actually some. The key is to go for wisely, read labels and be mindful of sections … there is room for all meals in the diet if planned.

Click here and try the mindful Hershey kiss mindful consuming experience. Click here to learn a lot more about mindless eating.

The Internet is abound along with non candy Halloween treats and options for candy along with much less sugar and calories (sugar free, mini portions, dark chocolate, etc.) if this is a desired option.

Sources: Mindless Eating,,,,,,

This guide is not intended to replace a one-on-one partnership along with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical/nutritional/fitness advice. guide presented is subject to adjustment as additional discoveries are made or additional research is published. Links to various sites within blogs are provided for your convenience only and we are not responsible or liable for the content, accuracy of guide provided or privacy practices of linked sites or for products or services described on these sites.

General Dynamics and EDGE Innovation Network Host 2014 Disaster Response Exercise Combining U.S. Army, Texas National Guard and Civilian Public Disaster Response Organizations

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — General Dynamics C4 Units and the EDGE Innovation Network are hosting Winter Institute 2014, a disaster response workout that will certainly evaluate exactly how voice, data and situational awareness are shared among U.S. government, EDGE Innovation Network members and civilian public safety organizations. The workout takes place October 28 and 29 and will certainly involve much more compared to 100 military and civilian personnel as they respond to multiple simulated, large-scale disasters along with participants located in Disaster City®, the Texas A&M disaster-response training site in College Station, Texas, and Fort Bliss, Texas, located 700 miles away.

“For two days U.S. government and civilian public safety professionals will certainly respond to fairly realistic disaster events, testing their ability to communicate, share guide and collaborate along with a real sense of urgency,” said Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems. “The lessons learned from this workout will certainly identify exactly what works, and exactly what requires work, so as quickly as a disaster strikes, very first responders can easily concentrate on assisting survivors from the moment they arrive on the scene.”

The Army and Texas National Guard will certainly be using the General Dynamics C4 Systems-built, Warfighter guide Network-Tactical (WIN-T) to interconnect Winter Institute participants at Disaster City along with participants located at Fort Bliss.  WIN-T, the U.S. Army’s cyber-defended tactical communications backbone network, was the communications hub that enabled multiple government and civilian public safety professionals to communicate and share guide complying with hurricane Sandy in 2012.

“Winter Institute 2014 is a testament to the energy of the EDGE Innovation Network,” said Pete Palmer, director of the EDGE Innovation Network. “For much more compared to eight years, the EDGE has actually hosted collaborative environments for government, academia and industry to pool their collective capabilities to solve challenges facing government organizations, and in this case, smoothing the road for a wide range of public safety professionals to have actually timely, accurate and reliable guide as quickly as lives are at stake.”

The Disaster City® training site is section of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service in College Station.  The site is a mock community that involves full-scale, collapsible structure made to simulate various levels of disaster and wreckage that is customized for training events for emergency very first responders. 

Established in 2006, there are 17 EDGE Innovation Centers operating international and serving a lot of specialized markets including the EDGE Focus for Emergency Informatics at Texas A&M University. The EDGE maintains an open environment where members and customers can easily characterize, nurture, make and deliver current and emerging technologies and capabilities to equip a much more mobile, much better connected and much better informed end-user. General Dynamics C4 Units is the lead technology partner of the EDGE Innovation Network.  Learn much more at

General Dynamics C4 Units is a firm unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD). guide regarding General Dynamics is available at

Logo –

SOURCE General Dynamics C4 Systems