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Arizona Small Business, Blue Global Media, Offers Corporate Benefits and More

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Employees at Blue Global Media, an online marketing and lead generation company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, grab the very best of the 2 worlds: a small business along with an entrepreneurial spirit paired along with exceptional incentives that are in line along with those offered at large corporations.

Blue Global Media, which operates a proprietary global loan marketplace where borrowers and lenders connect, is led by CEO and founder, Chris Kay. Group members collaborate to regulate and improve this first-of-its-kind global platform that fulfills individuals along with non-traditional loan and investment opportunities. Offering incentives that rival corporate employers while focusing on building a unique, employee-centric culture are top priorities for the company, Kay said.

“Sustaining our employees engaged by showing them exactly how helpful they are to our business is pretty essential to me personally,” Kay said. “I believe that the a lot more invested employees are in their job and in our larger mission and vision, the a lot more successful Blue Global Media is. That’s why our leadership Group strives to offer benefits, advantages and opportunities that prove to our employees we understand they are our number-one advocates.”

Though it operates as a small business along with much less compared to 50 employees, Blue Global Media offers an impressive list of benefits, along along with a unique environment that cultivates innovation and collaboration. To start, employees at Blue Global Media have actually access to great medical incentives and a 401K program. The company additionally provides Group members along with travel opportunities, profit-sharing, a catered lunch service and most recently, a flexible, job from house schedule.

In January 2014, the company — influenced by studies showing the incentives of a non-traditional job routine — introduced a unique regimen that allows employees to job from house three days a week. Not only did the regimen immediately improve morale, productivity and engagement, it’s proven to be a lot more environmentally friendly by cutting down electricity consumption.

“The job from house regimen is a prime example of exactly how we’re Sustaining the calls for and preferences of our employees front of mind,” Kay said. “As a small business, we have actually the opportunity to be a lot more nimble and explore pointers that are unconventional. From a natural light, open workspace to repurposed vintage office furniture, we aim to do points a little differently. By listening to our people, we’ll keep on to embrace progressive thinking regarding just what a office must be.

About Blue Global Media 
Scottsdale, Arizona-based Blue Global Media is a prominent consumer loan lead generation company. Founded in 2006 by Chris Kay, the company has actually one of the largest networks of affiliates that it uses to source these leads, providing customers along with quality, real-time leads based on their criteria. For a lot more guide regarding Blue Global Media, visit   

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Audrey Peck 

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Fireworks, Coal-Fired Electricity Not a ‘Medical Emergency,’ States Physicians for Civil Defense

TUCSON, Ariz., July 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Pope Francis, President Obama, medical organizations, and the prestigious British medical diary The Lancet are every one of demanding “action” to stay clear of disastrous public healthiness effects from “climate change.”

The crucial action is the Obama Administration’s war on coal, the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions, and the fuel for some 40 percent of the nation’s electricity generation. Because the decrease in carbon dioxide emissions could have, at most, a negligible effect on global temperature, according to current computer models, that is not a factor in the hypothetical lot of “lives saved.”

The public healthiness rationale for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) draconian “mercury rule” is the predicted decrease in deaths from respiratory ailments. The actual suspect for asthma deaths is not the mercury yet the small (ultrafine) particulates (dust) additionally present in the emissions. These are called PM2.5s since they are much less compared to 2.5 microns (0.0025 millimeters) in diameter.

Based on highly speculative calculations, and common statistical fallacies, the EPA has actually testified in Congress that PM2.5s can easily kill instantly in any type of dose.

If this is true, there is major danger from fireworks. Air quality after the Fourth of July displays is regarding 40 percent worse compared to on regular days, and particulates can easily be 400 percent higher in Washington, D.C., between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on July 4. The study that measured the PM2.5s did not search for public healthiness effects. EPA spokesmen commented that they wanted everyone to appreciate the fireworks, despite the fact that they recommended that sensitive persons need to watch from upwind.

“We do not expect a surge in emergency room visits by individuals wheezing due to fireworks,” explained Jane Orient. M.D., president of Physicians for Civil Defense. “And we want them to keep on to appreciate the rewards of reliable, affordable electricity, including air conditioning.”

“The public healthiness effects from task loss, energy blackouts, and the economy-wide rate improves from increased electricity prices would certainly be immediate, severe, and real,” she said, “in contrast to the remote, tiny, and fanciful rewards of EPA coal rules.”

“If the EPA believed its own pronouncements, it would certainly immediately ban fireworks.”

Physicians for Civil Defense distributes information to insight to save lives in the event of war or various other disaster.

Contact: Jane M. Orient, M.D., (520) 323-3110,


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CareerBuilder® Selects Zion & Zion as a Top Company to Work for in Arizona

All participating companies completed a two-section assessment process conducted by the independent work environment research firm, Ideal Companies Group (BCG). section among the process was the Employer Questionnaire, where BCG asked concerning benefits, HR policies and the enjoyable points the employers do for their employees. section two was the employee engagement and satisfaction survey which measured the employee experience in eight core focus places including “leadership and planning,” “corporate culture and communications,” “role satisfaction,” “job environment,” “partnership along with supervisor,” “training, progress and resources,” “pay and benefits,” and “overall engagement.” Using the combined data from the two sections of the survey process, BCG determined that scored higher enough to earn a spot on the list. This year, 75 organizations were named as a top business to job for in Arizona.

“This Top business list gets a lot more competitive each year,” said Denise Gredler, CEO of BestCompaniesAZ and consulting partner for the program. “The winners had pretty impressive employee survey outcomes averaging an overall favorable fee of 88 percent and an overall employee engagement score of 91 percent, a lot more compared to double the national average. These winners need to be pretty proud of their engaged workforces and ought to usage this recognition to promote their business culture to retain and attract the very best talent.”

About Zion & Zion
Based in Tempe, Ariz., Zion & Zion is a full service marketing firm specializing in marketing strategy, advertising, public relations, social media and interactive services. The job of the Zion & Zion group entails local, national and worldwide brands, including ARS/Rescue Rooter, Barro’s Pizza, Childhelp, DMB Associates, Fox Restaurant Concepts, and Goodwill of Central Arizona. Learn a lot more at, follow @ZIONandZION on Twitter and Instagram, and Adore ZIONandZIONAgency on Facebook.

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Artex Corp. Retains KCSA Strategic Communications as U.S. Investor Relations Counsel

TEMPE, Ariz., June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Artex Corp. (OTCQB: ARXQ) today announced that it has actually retained KCSA Strategic Communications, a leading New York-based communications firm, to lead the Company’s investor relations program.

KCSA intends to deploy an investor relations regimen created to support the growing interest in Artex among the U.S. investment community. Due to the fact that KCSA’s inception over forty years ago, the firm has actually produced a sturdy track record for its job representing public companies. Todd Fromer, Managing Partner of KCSA, will certainly lead the KCSA group and offer strategic counsel on financial communication matters.

“We are excited to job along with KCSA in order to make certain our investor relations regimen properly communicates the growth opportunities we believe our current programs provide,” said Radu Cosmin Monda, Artex Corp’s Chief Executive Officer. “We have actually several progress stage properties in one of the most preserved areas of the Danube Delta. Over the next year, we are looking to transform several of these properties in to successful operating businesses.”

“We are excited to be functioning along with Artex as they build their business and start to tell their corporate story to the investment community,” specified Mr. Fromer. “KCSA has actually considerable experience functioning along with early-stage companies that have actually exciting business strategies and sturdy management teams. Our target for these companies is to produce an opportunity for investors to realize the long term potential and vision.”

About KCSA Strategic Communications

KCSA is a fully integrated communications agency specializing in public relations, investor relations and marketing along with expertise in financial and professional services, technology, healthcare, media, power and public services companies. Due to the fact that 1969, the firm has actually demonstrated strategic thinking and regimen execution that drives outcomes for its clients in the ever-changing communications and digital landscape. The firm’s clients are its ideal references. For much more information, please visit


This press release contains forward-looking statements that could involve risks and uncertainties. The statements contained in this press release that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Exchange Act. As soon as used in this press release, the words “plan”, “target”, “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “intend” and “expect” and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements include, devoid of limitation, the statements about Artex Corp’s strategy, future plans for business development, future expenses and costs, future liquidity and capital resources, and estimates of business profit. Every one of forward-looking statements in this press release are based upon guide available to Artex Corp on the date of the release, and Artex Corp assumes no obligation to update any type of such forward-looking statements. Forward looking statements involve a variety of risks and uncertainties, and there can easily be no assurance that such statements will certainly prove to be accurate. The company’s actual outcomes could differ materially from those discussed in this press release. In particular, there can easily be no assurance that business progress will certainly keep on at any type of individual progress. Factors that could induce or contribute to such differences include, however are not limited to, those discussed in the company’s 10-K filed along with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission

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Parker & Sons Welcomes the Department of Energy’s Water Heater Regulation

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PHOENIX, June 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Manufacturers are now called for to develop water heaters along with a minimum Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of 8.2. Experts in the field agree that the regulation is aimed at manufacturers, and will certainly ultimately incentive consumers.

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The HSPF score is exactly what miles per gallon is to your car. The greater the score the much more efficient the unit. Despite the fact that the minimum HSPF score has actually been raised to 8.2, technology has actually because existed for water heaters along with an HSPF score north of 12. Indeed, the regulation was welcomed by environmentalist, and members of the heating and cooling community.

“We welcome the brand-new reason right here at Parker & Sons and frankly it was a long time overdue. It is in the very best interest of consumers to consult along with a pro if they opt to upgrade their system. A shoddy water heater installation can easily reduce electricity efficiency by up to 30%, which will certainly ultimately impact your bank account,” said Josh Kelly, esteemed partner at Parker and Sons.

Consumers must note that the regulation does not require them to install a brand-new water heater that meets the HSPF requirement. The regulation will certainly only affect manufacturers, that are forced to comply along with the brand-new regulation on their upcoming production cycles. They will certainly be granted, however, an eighteen month grace period in which it is permissible to sell water heaters along with an HSPF score right here the Department of Energy’s recent regulation. Consumers looking for a bargain purchase must think of purchasing one of these units. Manufacturers will certainly be forced to discount them in order to relocate inventory in time. Consumers ought to likewise expect substantial discounts on used water heaters falling right here the minimum HSPF requirement.

Parker & Sons is well equipped to take care of water heater installation. Their customer satisfaction ensure ensures it. Perhaps this has actually made Parker & Sons the coveted # 1 service provider in Arizona, several times over. Indeed, Parker & Sons needs every one of its technicians to undergo rigorous certification processes, and uphold the highest degree of professionalism. It’s hard to believe that merely forty years ago Arizona’s top heating and cooling business was a garage and van operation. 

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Parker & Sons
Josh Kelly

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